Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything made in Hawaii?
We design everything in Hawaii, however, a lot of the actual production is done overseas to keep the cost reasonable. These savings are passed on to you.

Our clothing features a tropical look which represents many different Pacific islands. We hope you find the comfort, style and value you are seeking with Aloha Islander Trading Company.

Do you give quantity discounts?
Please contact us at customersvc@alohaislandertradingco.com and tell us the quantity and style you are looking for. We will need as much information as possible (date, sizes, print, etc.) before we can quote you a price.

The amount of discount will depend on the number of items. Bulk pricing starts at 20 pieces to accommodate smaller groups, and can be done for any larger size group.

Can I dry the clothing in the dryer?
It is recommended that you line dry all items. If you choose to use your dryer, there will be various amounts of shrinkage depending on the fabric. Rayon will shrink substantially more than cotton in the dryer.

Mahalo for your business.